Wild Wellness Podcast

Wild Wellness gets its name because what we need now more than ever is to return to the way that our ancestors lived so that wellness is built in to an everyday lifestyle.
This is the podcast for those that want to go deeper into the research-based principles on how we are meant to live. As chronic diseases rise, what research has found is that our body’s function and has the same necessities as those that came before us, but our environment is worst than ever- it is more toxic, our food is modified, and our brains are overwhelmed.

Join Dr. Nathan as he guides you on the way to heal the body and optimize function.


About the Author:

Dr. Nathan and Dr. Rebecca Warren see patients locally in their Healthcenter in Chattanooga, TN and virtually from all over the United States. They also co-host the largest health radio show in Chattanooga and the Wild Wellness Podcast (focusing on Women, Mens, and Kids health).