The Thyroid-less Life podcast

At 19, Doctors removed Dr. Rebecca’s thyroid after finding a lump but never got to the cause of why it developed in the first place. This podcast is for those that have had their thyroid removed, or those that have thyroid disorders and feel as though that’s the only answer to get well. A sick thyroid means a sick body, join Dr. Rebecca as she discusses what it means to get well and heal your body after having your thyroid removed.  Dr. Rebecca Warren is an advocate for those with thyroid disorders because she suffered with Thyroid issues and hormone imbalance before she took her health into her own hands.

The Thyroid-less Life podcast is for those that have fallen into a broken medical system with no answers for getting well with their Thyroid. At a time when the answer to Thyroid disorder is medication, radiation, and surgery it’s time to do something different. Dr. Rebecca is going to give you the hope and the tools to take your health back into your hands, even without a Thyroid.

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Dr. Nathan and Dr. Rebecca Warren see patients locally in their Healthcenter in Chattanooga, TN and virtually from all over the United States. They also co-host the largest health radio show in Chattanooga and the Wild Wellness Podcast (focusing on Women, Mens, and Kids health).

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